At Lust for Dust we cover all areas of Bracknell. We cover Winkfield Row, Warfield, Binfield, Cantley, Hawthorn Hill, Chavey Town, Holme Green and Easthampstead for a range of cleaning services including:

  • Spring cleaning
  • One-off cleaning
  • Pre tenancy cleaning
  • Post tenancy cleaning
  • Pre-party cleaning
  • After-party cleaning
  • Garden Tidy and maintenance services

One-Off Cleaning and Spring Cleaning Bracknell

If you are looking for a one-off help with cleaning in Reading or a general spring cleaning service of your home from top to bottom, we can help.  At Lust for Dust cleaning services Reading, we all know that spring cleaning is necessary at least once or twice a year to ensure your house gets the proper cleaning it needs. Spring cleaning goes beyond the regular weekly cleaning ritual. When you spring clean you are cleaning areas you usually do not clean. These areas may include:

  • Dusting the corners and ceilings for cob webs
  • Wiping down the skirting boards, door handles, window sills and door frames
  • Scrubbing the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and the backsplash areas behind the stove
  • Cleaning the windows from inside
  • Cleaning the kitchen appliances
  • Wiping out the refrigerator and freezer
  • Giving the bathroom a good scrubbing
  • Cleaning the shower screens
  • Cleaning the stairs, bannisters and railings
General Cleaning
  • Carpets vacuumed ad cleaned.
  • Flooring surfaces moped, cleaned and polished (wooden, luxury vinyl flooring and tiles).
  • Furniture cleaned and polished.
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, light switches and fixtures.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Banisters, handrails & balustrades cleaned and polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Kitchen Cleaning
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • All cupboard doors and drawers cleaned.
  • Wall tiles, splashbacks and upstands wiped and polished.
  • Hobs and ovens cleaned to remove grease build up and polish chrome.
  • Microwave ovens cleaned.
  • Clean and defrost fridges and freezers.
  • Washing machines cleaned inside an outside.
  • Dish washers cleaned inside an outside.
  • Cooker hoods cleaned.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches and extractor fans.
  • Skirting boards, cabinet kick-back boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Bathroom Cleaning
  • Descaling, cleaning and polishing of shower screen.
  • Washing, cleaning and polishing of wall tiles and splashbacks.
  • Toilets brushed, cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wash basins and bath tubs cleaned and polished.
  • Mirrors polished.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches, extractor fans and light filters.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Garden Cleaning
  • General garden tidy.
  • Leaf and rubbish clearance.
  • Hedge cutting and trimming.
  • Grass cutting and lawn maintenance.
  • Lawn laying and strimming.
  • Weeding, pruning and planting.
  • Tree maintenance can be arranged.
  • Path Cleaning – Jet washing.
  • Deck and balcony cleaning.
  • Balustrade cleaning and polishing.

Warm & Frendly


Warm & Frendly


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable

Exceptional Reputation

Exceptional Reputation

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Bracknell

At the end of a tenancy, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is important that the property is left in the same condition it started the contract in. This usually means that the responsibility falls to the tenant to carry out the cleaning to get it into the best possible state for the landlord’s or letting agents final visit.  Whether the tenant does this themselves or hires professionals to do it. If you are a tenant or a landlord in Bracknell or in the surrounding villages, you could benefit from the expert help of the cleaning staff from Lust for Dust.

Our team has many years of experience in carrying out end of tenancy cleans, and we have many delighted customers from across all areas of Bracknell and the surrounding areas. Lust for Dust are able to come to your property and work through exactly what it is you need us to tackle for you in a completely bespoke service which is tailored to the precise needs of each individual tenant, landlord or letting agent..

If you want to ensure you can reclaim as much of your deposit as possible, it is essential that you carry out all the tasks set out by your landlord or letting agent before their final inspection. However, time constraints or a lack of cleaning expertise can put this in jeopardy this, which is why it can be reassuring to enlist the help of professionals to get your entire property spick and span from top to bottom, meaning it is in a suitable condition for handing back to your landlord at the end of the contract.

We are able to carry out a thorough deep clean of the entire house, whether you need help with removing grease and grime from an oven and the rest of the kitchen, cleaning the inside of your windows to remove smudges and smears or bigger tasks. For instance, we can perform a deep clean of carpets and rugs, using the best quality cleaning techniques to lift out stains, dirt and dust, along with in-situ curtain and upholstery cleaning.

Landlords across Bracknell can also take advantage of our services to spruce and clean the property up between tenants or before a new set of prospective tenants come to view the property if the previous tenant’s cleaning efforts have been sub-par.  If you are a tenant or landlord in Bracknell and want to find out more about our end of tenancy cleaning services, please contact Lust for Dust cleaning today to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Party help before and after party cleaning service Bracknell, Berkshire

We offer personalized party help for our residential clients in all areas of Bracknell and surrounding villages. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or wedding, we can insure you host and enjoy an event where your only duties are entertaining your guests. Leave the little tasks like serving and clean-up to us.

Our party help service help in setting up your party or event, serve food and beverages throughout your event and clean up after your event. We will arrive prior to your guests for an orientation and remain after they leave to clean up and restore your home to its sparkling state. Our party helpers will meet with you before to plan the details, such as buffet or sit-down, indoors or outdoors, formal or informal, number of guests, and all the details down to which napkin rings you wish to use.
What can we offer as part of this service?
• Clean the property and set up the room or rooms
• Set up the tables and worktops
• Rearrange the furniture
• Set up the buffet and side table
• Light bar tending service
• Rearrange the furniture if necessary
• Reassure and make guests feel comfortable
• Coat check
• Clean up room and property as agreed
• Restore your home to pre party condition

At Lust for Dust, our end of tenancy service includes:

Once you have had an amazing dinner or fabulous party celebration, you don’t need to worry about the mess, our before and after party cleaning service across Bracknell is both affordable professional, just relax and give us a call. We are here to help and will put things back in order.  We will do the job any time any day; our cleaning team will come and clean absolutely everything and will leave the property spotless and clean.  We work in teams to achieve high quality and efficient service that is affordable. Our before or after party cleaning services are tailor-made to suit your needs and hopefully remove at least one of your headaches, leaving you time to do more important things in life. For affordable cleaning please feel free to contact us to discuss your before and after party cleaning requirements. 


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