Pre tenancy cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning

Lust for Dust provides an exceptional service to cover tenancy agreements. Both the pre tenancy and end of tenancy cleaning service is there for landlords, tenants, estate agents and letting agents. Having many years of experience, our extensively trained and experienced staff have a passion to the smallest details.  We fully appreciate the requirements of our customers and the standards required for checkout inventory administrators.  We provide a comprehensive service and are extremely reliable.  We aim to leave your property clean and immaculate with a high quality service.

Our professional end/start of tenancy cleaning service is one of our most popular services for clients in Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham and surrounding towns and villages.  We are the cleaning provider of choice for a number of local estate agents and letting agents.  Our experience in the sector means that our cleaning exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding of inventory administrators.  We recommend this service for lettings agent, estate agents and private landlords. If you are a lettings agent or a landlord, our specialist service can remarkably improve the letting potential of your property and enhance the overall experience of your clients. Our skilled tenancy cleaning teams work hard to make your property look like new and when entering a home cleaned by Lust for Dust, our clients never fail to be impressed by the lasting freshness of our exceptional cleaning service. 

General Cleaning
  • Carpets vacuumed ad cleaned.
  • Flooring surfaces moped, cleaned and polished (wooden, luxury vinyl flooring and tiles).
  • Furniture cleaned and polished.
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, light switches and fixtures.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Banisters, handrails & balustrades cleaned and polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Kitchen Cleaning
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • All cupboard doors and drawers cleaned.
  • Wall tiles, splashbacks and upstands wiped and polished.
  • Hobs and ovens cleaned to remove grease build up and polish chrome.
  • Microwave ovens cleaned.
  • Clean and defrost fridges and freezers.
  • Washing machines cleaned inside an outside.
  • Dish washers cleaned inside an outside.
  • Cooker hoods cleaned.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches and extractor fans.
  • Skirting boards, cabinet kick-back boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Bathroom Cleaning
  • Descaling, cleaning and polishing of shower screen.
  • Washing, cleaning and polishing of wall tiles and splashbacks.
  • Toilets brushed, cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wash basins and bath tubs cleaned and polished.
  • Mirrors polished.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches, extractor fans and light filters.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Garden Cleaning
  • General garden tidy.
  • Leaf and rubbish clearance.
  • Hedge cutting and trimming.
  • Grass cutting and lawn maintenance.
  • Lawn laying and strimming.
  • Weeding, pruning and planting.
  • Tree maintenance can be arranged.
  • Path Cleaning – Jet washing.
  • Deck and balcony cleaning.
  • Balustrade cleaning and polishing.

Warm & Frendly


Warm & Frendly


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable

Exceptional Reputation

Exceptional Reputation

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

We understand from talking to landlords, letting agents and estate agents that rental properties are never left in a perfect and clean condition for the next tenant.  Most landlords and agents are looking to rent out properties with minimal down time between lettings.  So you may not be able to clean it yourself however, Lust for Dust provide a professional service which help you save time.  By offering a rapid service we can prepare the building for the start of the next tenancy by thoroughly cleaning your house.   As a tenant you will increase your chances of receiving your deposit back by ensuring your property is left clean and sanitised for the new incoming tenants.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

With the introduction of the Government’s Tenancy Deposit Scheme in 2007, there is now a thorough need for a professional move-out clean.  Tenants are now using cleaning companies like Lust for Dust to safeguard the maximum return of their deposits.  Whilst landlords, letting agents and estate agents want to ensure any new tenants have no faults when taking occupancy of their property let.  Our experience tells us that you must choose wisely your end of tenancy cleaning company as there are many sub-standard tenancy cleaning companies in the market place.

‘If you are moving house or vacating a property, our end of tenancy cleaning service is a brilliant way to leave it looking spotless. We clean the house from top to bottom, giving each room a deep clean to make them really sparkle’.

Pre removal and moving out cleaning

If you have purchased a new property or flat and are looking to move into your new home, a pre removal cleaning service can help by insuring that it has comprehensively cleaned before you occupy it Also if you are leaving a property that you have sold then a moving out cleaning service is also available so that you can provide the new owners a clean and tidy property.

We at Lust for Dust can provide you with a complete peace of mind service as our staff are directly employed and fully trained. So, when your tenancy is due to end, call us. We know how vital is to leave the property in immaculate condition for your landlord and next set of tenants. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is comprehensive, systematic and always to the highest clean standard. We are confident enough in our experience to deliver high quality service with 100% clean and tidy.

At Lust for Dust, our end of tenancy service includes:

  • Complex vacuuming and floors cleaning.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Kitchen appliances and washing machines cleaned.
  • Complex cleaning of communal areas and bedrooms.
  • Light switches and sockets cleaned.
  • Windowsills cleaned and wiped down.
  • Cleaning of doors, windows and heaters.
  • Furnishings and furniture dusted.
  • Bins emptied and cleaned.
  • Handrails and flash panels cleaned.
  • Removal of spider webs.
  • Air vents cleaned.
  • Blinds wiped cleaned and dusted.
  • Worktops and surfaces cleaned.
  • Windows cleaned internally.

If you would like to book an end of tenancy clean or pre tenancy clean contact us direct on 07917 334413 or email us direct.


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