Lust for Dust can also provide a range of additional services related to tree maintenance at your home in conjunction with it’s sister company Aborfield Tree Care. We can arrange for the efficient and safe removal of unwanted trees. We can help when it comes to the removal of trees in small confined spaces at your residential property with limited access. We collectively have a wealth of experience and extremely reliable. We use specialist equipment that allows us to remove trees in the most complex of situations with powerlines, over hanging roads and highways, rivers and ponds. We can in most instances dismantle unwanted trees with the use of lowering equipment if cranes are other specialist equipment is required we have the skill set and knowhow to ensure that we can remove and dismantle your unwanted tree safely. Whether it is a small shrub or a large oak tree, we have it covered.

Tree Crown Reduction and Reshaping

Tree crown reduction reduces the ‘sail’ area of the tree; this in turn alleviates weight and wind loading stresses on the branch structures and the tree. This operation is recommended or requested for trees which are to be retained but may be growing too large for their location or may have biomechanical structural faults.

Tree Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves the removal of lower branches to achieve the required height clearance from ground level to the first branch, or clearance of obstructions to lawns, foot paths, high ways, roof tops and property.

Many of the problems associated with low branches can be addressed with formative pruning in the tree’s earlier years. Crown lifting on mature trees can be complex and should be minimised if possible to avoid the onset of stem decay.

The slide show demonstrates crown lifting on a 10 year old Tulip Tree; the low branches were making it hazardous when mowing the lawn with the ride on mower.

Tree crown thinning

In crown thinning, a certain percentage of the tree’s branch structure is removed.  This tends to be mainly the secondary branches, thereby retaining an even density, well-spaced and balanced branch structure after the crown thinning exercise.  Crown thinning can reduce the overall weight carriage by dense branches, reducing the loading on the main stem attachment.  The thinning process can also alleviate shade problems.

Tree reshaping

Branches can be selectively reduced or removed, whilst not necessarily reducing the complete tree. Target pruning can remove extended branches back into the tree’s crown to create a more symmetrical shape. From small garden trees to large park trees, we are tree crown reduction experts so call today for professional advice.

General Cleaning
  • Carpets vacuumed ad cleaned.
  • Flooring surfaces moped, cleaned and polished (wooden, luxury vinyl flooring and tiles).
  • Furniture cleaned and polished.
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, light switches and fixtures.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Banisters, handrails & balustrades cleaned and polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Kitchen Cleaning
  • All work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Cupboards cleaned inside.
  • All cupboard doors and drawers cleaned.
  • Wall tiles, splashbacks and upstands wiped and polished.
  • Hobs and ovens cleaned to remove grease build up and polish chrome.
  • Microwave ovens cleaned.
  • Clean and defrost fridges and freezers.
  • Washing machines cleaned inside an outside.
  • Dish washers cleaned inside an outside.
  • Cooker hoods cleaned.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches and extractor fans.
  • Skirting boards, cabinet kick-back boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Bathroom Cleaning
  • Descaling, cleaning and polishing of shower screen.
  • Washing, cleaning and polishing of wall tiles and splashbacks.
  • Toilets brushed, cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wash basins and bath tubs cleaned and polished.
  • Mirrors polished.
  • Flooring cleaned and polished.
  • General dusting throughout including radiators, towel rails, light switches, extractor fans and light filters.
  • Skirting boards cleaned and polished.
  • Doors and architraves cleaned.
  • Door handles polished.
  • Bins cleaned and emptied.


Garden Cleaning
  • General garden tidy.
  • Leaf and rubbish clearance.
  • Hedge cutting and trimming.
  • Grass cutting and lawn maintenance.
  • Lawn laying and strimming.
  • Weeding, pruning and planting.
  • Tree maintenance can be arranged.
  • Path Cleaning – Jet washing.
  • Deck and balcony cleaning.
  • Balustrade cleaning and polishing.

Professional Hedge Maintenance

We can clients a comprehensive hedge maintenance service. We can offer you a one-off job getting your overgrown hedges back into a manageable shape, or provide you with a regular/annual hedge maintenance program to keep your hedge in shape throughout the year. With many years of local experience in maintaining the hedges at the homes and businesses in and around Reading and the surrounding areas, you can trust us when it comes to keeping your hedges in a healthy and attractive shape.

Contact us today for a FREE quote on 0791 733 4413.

Our Hedge Maintenance Services
Is your hedge too tall or outgrown its location? Do you need a new hedge for privacy or even require the hedge to be completely removed from your property. Or maybe you want to improve the appearance of your commercial or domestic property?


Warm & Frendly


Warm & Frendly


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable


Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable

Exceptional Reputation

Exceptional Reputation

We Have The Solution For You

Our expert and fully qualified team of tree surgeons and hedge maintenance team have the skill set and use of modern machinery required to reduce the height and spread of your hedges, removing all arisings from site where necessary. If you require a new hedge on your property, we have a comprehensive range of hedge suppliers on a whole range of species from 1m to 3m height. We are the hedge maintenance and tree surgery experts locally. Our specialist services include removing all hedge and tree arisings, including stump removals.

Our hedge maintenance experts are well trained on working with a variety of different hedge types. From topiary hedges to Leyland hedges, we are your first choice hedge maintenance and trimming contractor, so contact us today on 07917 334413 and one of our friendly team will be able to advise you on which of our specialist tree surgery or hedge maintenance services is most suited to your needs.

We can also provide a whole multitude of other tree care and garden services including:

  • Tree dismantling and felling
  • Tree shaping and tree reductions
  • Crown raising services
  • Crown thinning and reduction
  • Tree restorations and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)
  • Dead wooding
  • Stump grinding
  • Pruning
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Chipping and logging
  • Tree Hoarding and fencing
  • Landscape services
  • Fencing maintenance
  • Tree pollarding
  • Wood Chipping service


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